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Yesterday we reported about the new firmware version 2.0 for the Leica Q.  As it turned out, this is a much more comprehensive update than the usual new firmware versions.  It promises to make the Leica Q an even more formidable camera within the lineup of Leica cameras.  Our friends at Leica Store Miami just published the following report.  It is by far the most comprehensive explanation of what is new.


 By Josh Lehrer, Leica Store Miami

Leica has released a major new firmware update for the Leica Q (Typ 116): Version 2.0. This firmware incorporates a host of new features and improvements, many of which are based on direct requests from users. Before we dive into all the details, you can click this link to download the firmware:

For instructions on how to update the firmware, you can refer to our Leica Q Firmware Update Guide.

The official list of features and improvements, from Leica:

  1. DNG-only now available
  2. EVF “Extended mode” allows menu control and playback on rear LCD
  3. Longer shutter speeds added up to 120 seconds (ISO-dependent)
  4. User Profile menu now programmable to FN button
  5. Virtual horizon display remains visible when shutter is pressed
  6. 1-point AF field size is now changeable with Delete button (three sizes available)
  7. 1-point AF field no longer goes outside the crop lines in  35/50mm zoom modes
  8. Face detection AF improved: camera switches automatically to multipoint AF if no face is detected
  9. Additional display screen added with only lower bar of shooting parameters displayed
  10. Image playback touch zoom changed: double tap calls up maximum zoom or full view
  11. Long exposure/noise reduction countdown added
  12. Thumb wheel control – 3 modes available – Off/Auto/Exposure Compensation
  13. Model lock for video button now available, giving the user the option to deactivate the video recording button
  14. Wi-Fi password setting is changed and all characters entered for the password remain visible during entry process
  15. Leica flash units SF 40 and SF 64 now supported

With so many new features, we felt it necessary for a more detailed breakdown:

DNG-Only Mode


By far the most-requested feature for the Q has been the ability to shoot a DNG file only without a companion JPEG, and firmware 2.0 finally brings that feature. Please note that if you are using the Leica Q phone app for iOS or Android, you will not be able to download or share DNGs remotely from the camera. You will still be able to capture images in Remote Control mode. If you want to retain full functionality, we suggest sticking to DNG+JPG.

EVF Extended Mode


Another useful function is EVF Extended mode, which maintains the live view in the electronic viewfinder, but shows the menu and image playback on the rear LCD screen when their respective buttons are pressed.

Longer Shutter Speeds


When you set the shutter speed dial to 1+, you can use the rear LCD to set shutter speeds up to 120 seconds, depending on your ISO, using the thumb wheel.

User Profile Menu Shortcut


The FN button on the back of the camera is now programmable to the User Profile menu for quick access to your bank of user profiles. To change the function of the FN button, press and hold to bring up the available settings you can assign to it.

Virtual Horizon While Shooting


The virtual horizon is now visible even with the shutter halfway pressed.

Adjustable 1-Point AF Field Size


You can now control the size of the auto focus field in 1-point AF mode by pressing the Delete button. Three sizes are available: small, medium and large (small is shown in the above photo).

1-Point AF Field Inside Crop Marks


When using the Q in either 35mm or 50mm crop mode with your AF set to 1-point, the auto focus point will stay within the crop marks.

Face Detection AF Improved


When your AF mode is set to Face Detection, but no face is detected in the scene, the camera will switch over to Multi Point AF mode to ensure your preferred subject stays in focus.

Additional Shooting Display Mode


An additional shooting display mode has been added with only the bar at the bottom of the screen showing essential shooting information. You can cycle through the camera’s various display modes by pressing the Menu/Set button in the center of the directional pad.

Image Playback Touch Zoom


Double-tap an image during playback with your finger to zoom to 100%, then double-tap again to bring the image back into full view.

Long Exposure Noise Reduction Countdown


After a long exposure, the camera will show a noise reduction countdown timer so you know when you will be ready for the next shot.

Thumb wheel Control


There is now a menu which allows you to control the behavior of the thumb wheel during shooting. Set to Off, the thumb wheel will not change any settings while shooting (it will still work to adjust menu and playback settings). Set to Auto, the thumb wheel will change its function based on your shooting mode. For example, in Shutter Priority or Manual mode, the thumb wheel will adjust your shutter speed in finer increments beyond the dial’s control. Or when in Program mode, the thumb wheel activates Program Shift for advanced exposure adjustment. When set to Exp. Comp, the thumb wheel adjusts exposure compensation regardless of shooting mode. Note that you will not be able to access Program Shift, shutter speeds longer than 1 second or faster than 1/2000th when in Exp. Comp mode for the thumb wheel.

Mode Lock for Video Button


With Mode Lock Photo/Video set to On, the red video recording button on the top of the camera is disabled, preventing you from activating it unintentionally.

Wi-Fi Password Entry


When entering a Wi-Fi password, the entire password is now visible during entry.

With so many new features and functions in firmware 2.0, we will be continuing to test the camera to see how the improvements are in real-world shooting. If you have any questions about the new firmware or the Q-system, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 305-921-4433 or email us.


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