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Already more than two years have passed since the grand opening of the new Leica headquarters at Leitz Park in Wetzlar.  It was 100 years prior to that that the Leica was born in form of the original prototype, the Ur-Leica.  Among the many celebrations, Leica had an impressive exhibition of photographs taken over the years, titled “100 Years of Leica Photography.”  We thought it to be interesting to write about the exhibition again.

100 years of Leica photography


A picture is worth a thousand words – and yet can take our breath away. When it shows endless joy. When it documents unimaginable suffering. When it brings us closer to untouchable legends. Or when it saves the blink of an eye for eternity. With their Leica, throughout 100 years, photographers have been capturing such moments. And we have been looking inward for a moment.

On 14 August 1945, the day Japan surrendered in the Second World War, Alfred Eisenstaedt
documented the feelings of joy experienced by an entire nation in just a single photo.


Few pictures show the horrors of war as brutally as the iconic
photo by the Vietnamese photographer Nick Út.
This photograph was taken on 8 June 1972.


Perhaps the most famous image of the last 100 years:
Alberto Korda photographs Che Guevara
with his Leica M2 during a memorial service in 1960.


With this image of the Spanish Civil War,war correspondent
Robert Capa achieved international acclaim.
The photo was taken on 5 September 1936.


EXHIBITION „36 PHOTO ICONS“ at Leitz Park Wetzlar

100 years of Leica, 100 years of history: Hindenburg captures airspace, the Russian’s Berlin, and James Dean the hearts of women. Always on location at such defining moments: photographers who had a keen eye for the significance of a scene – and a Leica camera in hand. It’s their photos we present to you in the exhibition “36 Photo Icons” at Leitz Park in Wetzlar. Iconic photos that are renowned throughout the world today.

New York - Ernst Leitz II, 1914

Flood in Wetzlar - Oscar Barnack, 1920

Self portrait in mirrors - Ilse Bing, 1931

Oskar Barnack at his workplace - Julius Huisgen, 1934

Girl with Leica - Alexander Rodchenko, 1934

LZ 129 "Hindenburg" at its docking post at Rhine-Main airport - Dr. Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler, 1936

At the Marne - Henry Cartier Bresson, 1938

The flag of victory - Yevgeny Khaldei, 1945

Guardia Civil - W. Eugene Smith, 1950

Self portrait - UMBO (aka Otto Umbehr, 1950

LePeintre de la Tour Eiffel - Marc Riboud, 1953

James Dean on Times Square - Dennis Stock, 1955

Muhammad Ali - Thomas Hoepker, 1966

New York City - Elliott Erwitt, 1974


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  1. Amazing photographs. Not that I haven't seen them before, but I can look at them time and time again.

  2. Most people don't realize that many of the iconic photographs we are familiar with were taken with Leica equipment.