Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A while ago I wrote about a look at the (then) rumored “LEICA M10 WITH ELCTRONIC “VISOFLEX” at:  http://gmpphoto.blogspot.com/2012/07/leica-elctronic-visoflex.html.
My crystal ball must have been especially clear that day, because the article came very close to what the Leica M actually turned out to be.  I found it especially interesting that Leica decided to use the term "Visoflex" for the electronic viewfinder, since I did so as well.  Of course a few things were missed, like the 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, the multifunction handgrip and the full HD video capabilities.  But after having been seriously involved with Leica for almost 45 years, I guess I have developed a fairly good feel for what we might expect from Leica.

Leica M10 with electronic viewfinder as imagined

The new Leica M with electronic viewfinder

A similar accuracy was expressed when I commented on a rumor that the Leica M9 replacement might be black and white only.  At the time I accurately predicted that the black and white camera would be an additional model in the Leica lineup.

What might we expect from Leica in the future?  I think for the time being, we should digest all what’s new since just yesterday.  But I do have the nagging feeling that the next addition to the Leica M camera line will be a separate line of autofocus lenses.  The next Photokina is only two years away.


  1. You were spot on with your prediction of the electronic viewfinder and the R adapter, even the picture was very close. Do you have some sort of inroad with Leica in Germany?

  2. That was pretty close, wasn't it. Leica even started using the "Visoflex" designation again. Maybe they are paying particular attention to this blog. But no, unfortunately no particular inroads to Leica AG, even though I spend a fair amount of time in Germany since my sister has her studio less than 10 miles from Solms. But after almost 45 years as a serious Leica owner, I guess I have developed a good feel of what they might be up to. Combine that with the rather good grapevine regarding all things Leica, and it isn't really all that hard to look into the Leica future.

  3. It would be interesting to see what others think Leica will come up next.

  4. Shouldn't we digest all the new stuff that was just introduced first? For the time being, the only thing I can think of is autofocus for the M. For some, I am sure this is the one argument that will be made to set the Leica M apart from all the DSLRs out there.

  5. There are indeed a lot of new items introduced by Leica AG. But I agree, the big gorilla in the room, especially for the Leica haters, is the current lack of autofocus for the Leica M. As I see it, the only solution for Leica is to make some (or all) of the M lenses available in an autofocus version, with electronic coupling to the camera body. There is no question that Leica will maintain the rangefinder coupling and rangefinder in the M cameras. Eliminating that would be way too much a departure from what the Leica M is all about. If such a line of lenses were introduced, it would definitely complete the M line in terms of capabilities. Of course, then we would hear the same arguments as we do now, that it moves the general philosophy of the camera away from the former M cameras. For that, there is always the Leica M-E, although I can envision a third model which eliminates the rangefinder and offers autofocus only. The newly available space from the missing rangefinder could be used for a built-in electronic viewfinder, allowing manual focusing of the standard M lenses as well as the R lenses.
    Well, the next Photokina is only two years down the road.