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Leica M10

No camera is beyond criticism, but it seems that Leica is receiving an undue amount of that.  The plant in Portugal, for instance, is receiving a huge amount of criticism, as if somehow Portugal is an inferior manufacturing area than Germany.  These opinions totally overlook the fact that both Nikon and Canon, for instance, have many of their cameras made in countries other than Japan.  The same goes for Zeiss.  While Leica is being criticized for making some of their equipment in Portugal, Zeiss is being heralded for making some of their equipment in countries other than Germany.

Of course Leica is a relatively small player in the photographic industry, and well they should be.  I have often written about their bench made approach to manufacture compared to mass production.  That this is the result of the substantially higher tolerances they demand for their products, tolerances that cannot be achieved with mass production, but tolerance that are necessary to elevate performance beyond what is possible with mass production.  That inevitably leads to higher prices and, of course, lower sales volume.

Leica V-Lux
Leica V-Lux

Leica X Vario

Leica Q

Leica M7

Leica CL

Leica TL2

Leica SL

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Sinar p3-df

Yet if we take a closer look at Leica, we will see that their product line is substantially larger than that of any other camera manufacturer.  That was further emphasized when Leica acquired Sinar to become part of their total equipment palette.

While most camera manufacturers offer only digital equipment, Leica continues to offer analog cameras as well.  But not just that, only very few other companies offer medium format digital cameras besides their standard digital offerings, and no one offers anything that encompasses the entire range from analog to digital, including medium format and large format.

With the addition of Sinar, Leica is the only company that does so, with almost 30 camera models under the Leica name, and 2 large format cameras under the Sinar label.  The Sinar product line is further expanded by offering a large number of different digital backs for both of their base camera.

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