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I don’t like to participate in rumor mongering.  I rather report about facts.  But a new sensor developed by CMOSIS, the maker of the sensor in the current Leica M (240) caught my eye.  They have developed a 70 megapixel full frame (35mm) sensor, the CHR70M.  Naturally that made me think about the possibility of a 70 megapixel Leica M and M Monochrom.

CHR70M image
CHR70M sensor

The CHR70M is a high resolution CMOS image sensor with 10000 by 7096 pixels. The image array consists of 3.1μm x 3.1μm size pixels.  It offers a dynamic range of 63 decibels, which is relatively high and comparable to other high end sensors.  CMOSIS states on their website that the sensor is in production.  Another interesting fact is that this sensor apparently is being made in both a monochrome and RGB version.
No indication was given if this will find its way into any digital cameras soon, but the ‘what if’ question immediately turned to the Leica.  Several competing manufacturers are offering cameras with full frame sensors of a higher resolution than the Leica M.  Canon is thought to introduce a new model with a full frame 50 megapixel sensor.

Leica has obviously decided to bring their cameras into direct competition with the market leaders.  Subsequently a sensor of 70 megapixels in the Leica M and Leica M Monochrom would definitely quiet a lot of the nay-sayers.  Of course there is nothing official, but it is nice to dream ‘what if’?




We are excited to offer our first photography contest.  It is very simple; there are no entry fees and no rules or restrictions of what you may enter.  Simply take what you consider to be your best work and send it in.

Please don't forget your name and contact information!

Please make the long dimension of the photograph approximately10 inches with a resolution of 100 DPI in a JPEG file format.  We will accept hard copy photographs within similar dimensions.  Entries are limited to no more than five photographs.

All photographs will be copyrighted by your name unless otherwise specified.  None of the photographs will be used for any other purpose unless prior permission is received.  Entering the competition will give the LEICA Barnack Berek Blog permission to publish your photographs in conjunction with this contest only.

Entries will be accepted until the last day of April 2015.

We believe that any photo contest, judged by only one individual, cannot possibly be fair because the contest will inevitably be subject to the likes and dislikes of only one individual.  For that reason this photography contest will be judged by three judges,

Heinz Richter, editor of the LEICA Barnack Berek Blog
Monica Kopeć, Art Historian
And a third person yet to be chosen

First Prize:  Your choice of either a City Walker Shoulder Bag by Think Tank, or a Scarabaeus camera belt clip, or a Eddycam camera strap.

Second Prize: Your choice of either a City Walker Shoulder Bag by Think Tank, or a Scarabaeus camera belt clip, or a Eddycam camera strap, depending on the first place choice.

Third Prize: Either a City Walker Shoulder Bag by Think Tank, or a Scarabaeus camera belt clip, or a Eddycam camera strap, depending on the first and second place choices.

  City Walker Shoulder bag, valued at $129.75

  Scarabaeus camera belt clip, valued at $179.00

  EDDYCAM camera strap, valued at $200.00

Fourth Prize: Oscar Barnack Poster

    Oscar Barnack Poster, 13 x 16.7 inch, valued at $25.00

Fifth Prize: Eddycam Mircro Fiber Cloth

 EDDYCAM Microfiber 25x30cm / 11.8in x 9.8 in   EDDYCAM Microfiber Cloth, valued at @20.00

Sixth Prize: Set of vintage Leica greeting cards from the 1930s.

  Vintage Leica Greeting Cards, valued at $20.00

In addition there will be several honorable mentions.

Please send entries to or mail to
LEICA Barnack Berek Blog
307 7th Avenue North
Hopkins, MN 55343

For questions please send email to or call us at 952-930-0433

For more information on the prize items, please go to:

Good luck!


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