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Today we are happy to report about some exiting new items from the world of Leica Sport Optics.  Ultimate quality and performance are not just the goal for all Leica cameras and lenses, the same is the case for any of the Leica Sport Optics as well.  They are indeed…

Reliable companions in every situation

Elegance meets passion - Reliable companions in every situation

With the Leica Ultravid “Edition Safari” and the Leica Ultravid HD PLUS “Edition Hermès” Leica once more presents exclusive special editions, created in collaboration with the French manufacturers Aneas and Hermès. Both editions are exclusively available as limited special editions and impress by their combination of the best contemporary technology and the use of the finest materials. This makes these Leica binoculars special in every respect.

Golfers should first and foremost rely on their own feeling. But this can sometimes be deceiving. With the Leica Pinmaster II and the Leica Pinmaster II Pro you always keep a clear view on the golf course. Beside their excellent technical features, the Pinmasters are also optically appealing. No matter, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced golfer.

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The logo tells the story

Leica Pinmaster II Pro - The logo tells the story

Not only professional golfers but also beginners with mid to high handicaps can benefit immensely from the use of a golf laser. Knowing the right distance gives the golfer self-confidence during the game and makes the choice of the right club easier. The new Leica Pinmaster II Pro features the new ACD™- technology (Angle Compensation Distance). It is the perfect extra for the daily practice on the driving range or when playing a round on the course. The Pinmaster II Pro takes sloping terrain into account to provide a second distance corrected for the slope. When calculating the corrected distance, the Pinmaster II Pro does not only consider the slope of the terrain, but also the distance-dependent trajectory of the golf ball.

In the Leica Pinmaster II Pro we have improved the Leica First-Target-Logic still further. This saves you the time of taking a second measurement to be sure and lets you concentrate fully on your game. The Pinmaster II Pro also features an LED readout with ambient-light-controlled brightness and a unique red LED display. This ensures that the Leica Pinmaster is automatically ready for use. In combination with the proven Aqua-Dura-coating, that lets dirt and water simply roll off the lens, this makes the Leica Pinmaster II Pro the perfect all-weather laser.

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Perfect companion on every round of golf

Leica Pinmaster II - Perfect companion on every round of golf

he Leica Pinmaster II is a real eye-catcher. It impresses by its elegant, carbon-reinforced and waterproof body in black and white. With its magnification factor of 7x and the outstanding image performance it offers the high-performance optics that Leica is renowned for.

With the Leica First-Target-Logic the Pinmaster II determines the distance of tiny objects such as golf balls or flag sticks and grants precise measurements up to a range of 750 metres, also of intermediate targets. With the high-performance LED-display the measurement results can be read off quickly in any situation of the game. Thanks to its easy handling, the press of a button is enough to get the right distance safely and quickly. This makes the Pinmaster II the perfect companion on every round of golf.

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The best contemporary technology and the finest materials

Leica Ultravid „Edition Safari“ - The best contemporary technology and the finest materials

In collaboration with the French manufacturer Aneas, Leica Sport Optics presents the Leica “Edition Safari”, appearing with an exclusive bag and carrying strap. The “Edition Safari” is available in Leica Ultravid 8 x 42 and Leica Ultravid 10 x 42 models. These are strictly limited to 100 pairs of binoculars globally and each pair is marked individually with an edition serial number from 1 to 200.

The binoculars are trimmed with dark green leather, perfectly harmonising with the light brown leather of the carrying strap handcrafted by Aneas. The case supplied as part of the “Edition Safari” is handmade from finest-quality canvas with light-brown leather details and an additional leather carrying strap. The French manufacturer Aneas is renowned for its use of only the finest leathers and the elaborate finishing of its products.

With the “Edition Safari” Leica Sport Optics unites the best contemporary technology with the finest and carefully selected materials, making these binoculars elegant and at the same time robust companions for people who appreciate the highest quality in every respect.

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A truly special edition

‘In the Leica Ultravid “Edition Hermès” a tour de force of optical precision meets unparalleled craftsmanship. We are particularly pleased to see the continuation of the long-standing collaboration between Leica and Hermès in the creation of this special edition of the Leica binoculars with an exclusive bag from Hermès included in the set,’ Cyril Thomas, Global Director of Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar), comments on the limited Leica Ultravid HD PLUS “Edition Hermès”.

One of the special highlights of the black anodised Leica binoculars is their Hermès swift calfskin leather casing in “Rouge H”. The shoulder strap included in the set is also made of this extremely fine and supple leather. The “Edition Hermès” also comes with a handcrafted Hermès bag, exclusively only available in the delivery scope of this special edition. To pay homage to the tradition of Leica Sport Optics, Leica has combined traditional, vintage style eyecups with modern, state-of-the-art technology.

The binoculars are available in Leica Ultravid 8 x 32 HD PLUS “Edition Hermès” and Leica Ultravid 10 x 32 “Edition Hermès” models. Their number is strictly limited to 111 pairs of binoculars – to mark the origins of the history of Leica. Exactly 111 years ago Leica’s tradition began with the development of the first pair of binoculars. The unique product design and their premium finishing make the “Edition Hermès” a truly special edition in every respect.

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  1. I thought this blog was about Leica cameras?

    1. No, it is the LEICA Barnack Berek Blog, not the LEICA Camera Blog. There is a lot more to Leica than just cameras, Leica Sport Optics are a definite part of that, as are microscopes, measuring instruments and a lot more. I wouldn't do the founder Ernst Leitz any justice if I were to eliminate everything that is covered under the Leica label except Leica cameras.