Monday, June 27, 2016


On occasion, we have reported on other manufacturers lenses as a valid option for Leica M cameras.  Today we are happy to report that one of our sponsors has been chosen as distributor for such a line of lenses, the MS Optics lenses of Mr. Miyazaki.  Taos Photographic (, the manufacturer of the excellent Komaru Titanium soft releases, has been awarded the exclusive distributorship of these excellent, handmade lenses for Europe.  These lenses are extremely rare and are available in only very limited numbers.

Mr. Miyazaki, the designer of these lenses started his business by modifying different lenses from other manufacturers  to adapt them to the Leica M and Leica srew mount.  He told Taos Photographic that he has already modified more that 300 different types of lenses to convert them to the Leica M and screw mount, even relatively old ones like some of the Angenieux lenses etc.  Right now Taos Photographic will be sending him a Canon 50mm f/0.95 to modify it for a customer who owns a Leica M.

Then, one day, there was the idea of creating his own lenses.  Mr Miyazaki, now 76 years old, does all the design computations for the lenses himself.  It is not an industrial process to create these lenses, he works alone and takes a lot of pleasure to do what he does right now.  He creates a lens and works a lot with pre-orders.  But he is not equipped to actually make the lenses.  Instead he has chosen a couple of manufacturers to make the metal parts and the actual lens elements.  The entire assembly is done in house, entirely by hand with total quality control. 


Over the last few years MS Optical has gained quite a cult status among collectors and photography enthusiasts for the very reason that MS Optical produces some of the finest handmade lenses on the market today.

Patrick Borie-Duclaud told us that Mr. Miyazaki works with only very few dealers since the entire production is so limited.  Most of the time no more than 100 of any given lens are made, which is the main reason why there are so few distributors.  The only reason why Patrick Borie-Duclaud was able to secure the distributorship for MS Optical for Europe is due to the fact that his wife is Japanese. She spent one hour on the phone with Mr. Miyazaki and he decided to start working with them but only by phone or by fax.  Being able to conduct the negotiations in Japanese over the phone proved to be invaluable.  Patrick Borie-Duclaud  said “We are lucky because he sells his lenses mostly in Japan…”

At the monment Taos Photographic has sold almost all of the second batch of the MS Optics Apoqualia-G 35mm f/1.4 MC. Mr. Miyazaki sent them one his two prototypes, the number #000 so they could test it and loan it to some photographers for evaluation.  Three new lenses will be designed for the end of 2016 but no information is available at this time.

Mr. Miyazaki will still convert other manufacturers lenses to the Leica M or screw mount.  However, he will not accept any direct orders.  All orders must be shipped by and through Taos Photographic.  For more information contact:

Patrick Borie-Duclaud
Taos Photographic
55, Avenue Louis Breguet
Bureau 5, Bâtiment 7
31400 Toulouse
Tél: +33  (0) 5  61  34  46  71


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