Sunday, May 27, 2018


Leica photographers are now able to experience the fascination of Leica photography worldwide.  The newly founded GLOBAL LEICA AKADEMIE, will expand the existing international Leica Academies to a noticeably larger network.

The Leica Academy has a long tradition. For almost ninety years, as the oldest and most renowned of all modern photography schools, ambitious photographers have been guided on to the best possible images. The Leica Academy has been expanding internationally for over a decade. Currently, interested parties can already experience the versatile program around Leica photography in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are a total of 15 Leica academies around the world. With the newly founded Global Leica Academy, this network is to be gradually expanded.

Accompanying this will be a new event program that, for example, offers participants from all over the world photo trips within Germany, stationed at Leitz-Park Wetzlar with exclusive insights into the Leica Erlebniswelt.

"The workshops and photo tours of the international Leica academies are aimed at those who are passionate about photography. It does not matter if the participants are experienced photographers or newcomers. It is the Leica Akademie’s  goal to further develop their technical skills, to sensitize them to fascinating photo situations and to provide new perspectives and perspectives on personal development ", says Udo Zell, Head of the Global Leica Academy, who has been working for the company for 38 years. Since 2002, the Academy has been under his leadership nationally and internationally. With the Global Leica Academy, he wants to create a network around the globe and bring photography to life on the highest level - be it product-related, creative or informative.

  Udo Zell, head of the Global Leica Akademie

The fact that every customer in the Global Leica Academy can continue to focus on the world and develop their own imagery is his vision. His publications in numerous magazines, exhibitions and lectures as well as television and radio contributions show both his enthusiasm for, and his high standards of photography.

The new program of events of the Global Leica Academy comprises three multi-day tours with the following destinations: "South Germany", "Thuringia - Saxony - Berlin" and "Mystic Rhine Valley". All photo tours will start on 15 June 2018 at Leitz Park Wetzlar with the opening event of the new Leitz Park III and will be continued from there in the individual regions of Germany.

The origins of the Leica Academy date back to 1930. At that time, the "Lehr-Atelier Wetzlar" laid the foundation for the training courses at the Leitz plants in Wetzlar. In 1938, the "Leica School" was founded, focusing on application technology for physicians, scientists and criminologists. After the Second World War, photography classes for American occupation soldiers took place in 1945 under the name "Leica School". As part of the reconstruction, the founding fathers of the former Leica School expanded the educational offer. Thus, in addition to the "Leica School", the "Leica Technik" also became an institution.

In 1988 it was renamed Leica Academy. The team as well as the offers of workshops and photo tours were steadily expanded and branch offices in Upper Bavaria, in the Baltic Sea resort Zingst and in the Dachstein region in Austria were established.  Since then workshops under the direction of renowned photographers and participation of a local expert photo professionals take place. Today, the Leica Academy is represented in Australia, China, France, Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore and the USA.

The program with the details of the individual tours can be found here.

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