Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hunting with Leica in Germany, Sweden and Scotland

Three new videos show Leica products being used in typical hunting situations.
The ‘Hunting with Leica’ films show game being bagged in various hunting situations. The experienced hunters featured in the films use only Leica optical equipment.

Enjoy the films and good luck!

Video 1: Hunting in Germany

A perfect wild boar hunt.


The camera follows a wild boar over a long distance until it is finally taken with the perfect shot. Thanks to the perfection of Leica optics, hunters can easily make out the antlers of a royal stag. The bag at the end of the day was also shot with a Leica camera.

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Video 2: Hunting in Sweden

Breathtaking aerial shots show a herd of fallow deer from a spectacular vantage point.


Hunters bag some impressive trophies after hours of intense stalking in one of Sweden’s best hunting grounds.
The Leica hunting equipment includes a Geovid, an Ultravid, an Apo-Televid, as well as, an ER and Magnus riflescopes.

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Video 3: Hunting in Scotland

This slide show is a homage to hunting in Scotland.


All the photos were shot with a Leica M9 digital camera and perfectly reflect the glorious scenery, the game and the atmosphere of the hunt. Stalkers enjoy a successful hunt for red deer with binoculars and riflescopes from Leica.

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