Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Rumors about a monochrome, black and white sensor only, Leica rangefinder camera are abundant on the internet.  It appears that one of the new items at the Leica event in Berlin on May 10 will be such a camera, expected as an M9 style body.  However, as I mentioned in the past, this will not be the long awaited M10.  That is not expected before the Photokina this fall in Cologne.  The new monochrome camera is said to have a very clean, noise free high ISO capabilities.  As a special model in the Leica line up, it makes sense.  The superiority of black and white sensors compared to full color ones is well known.  It is also a known fact that many photographers prefer to work mainly in black and white.  If that is enough to convince anyone to add another body to their line up of Leica cameras needs to be seen.

Unfortunately little else is being said about what else Leica is going to introduce on May 10.  Being that this is a Photokina year, it makes sense assume that Leica will introduce the “heavy hitters” there instead of Berlin on May 10.

We will know more in just a few weeks.

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