Thursday, March 8, 2012


leica camera logo 300x300 Leica Camera AG has a new CEO

Mr Ronald Marcel Peters appointed new CFO of Leica Camera AG

The Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG appointed Mr Ronald Marcel Peters (49) as the new chief financial officer of Leica Camera AG. Born in the Netherlands, Mr Peters will be assuming the functions of Mr Andreas Lobejäger (47) on 1 April 2012. Mr Lobejäger has occupied this position with enormous success since September 2007, but will be leaving the company at his own request on 31 March 2012. The members of the Executive and Supervisory Boards deeply regret his decision to leave and would like to thank Mr Lobejäger for his valuable contribution to the success of the company in recent years.

In the words of Mr Dr Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the Supervisory Board: ‘Mr Lobejäger took on the responsibilities of CFO in a difficult period for our company. He played a crucial role in the restructuring and turnaround of the company, and his contribution was instrumental in enabling Leica Camera AG to achieve profitability and record revenues in 2011. As such, Mr Andreas Lobejäger has more than earned our praise and appreciation.’

Mr Ronald Marcel Peters will be bringing to the role numerous years of experience in controlling and management in the financial and IT segments and the optical industry. Until recently, he held the position of CFO at Leica Microsystems GmbH in Wetzlar, the leading manufacturer of microscopes and scientific instruments, a company with which Mr Peters has been involved almost continuously since 1998.
For a period, Mr Peters held the position of CFO at Hach Lange Europe, a laboratory and online water analysis specialist. Both Leica Microsystems GmbH and Hach Lange Europe belong to the Danaher Corporation in Washington D.C., USA. Before this, his career included various functions in controlling in the packaging industry.

Mr Alfred Schopf, chairman of the Executive Board at Leica Camera AG: ‘With the appointment of Mr Ronald Marcel Peters, the Executive Board has now gained an experienced financial expert as a new colleague who has been familiar for many years with the needs of the optical industry and with the city of Wetzlar, the location of our future company headquarters. My fellow Board member, Mr Markus Limberger, and I look forward to continuing the successful course taken by Leica Camera AG together with Mr Peters.’

From Leica Press Releases.

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