Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leica S2-Adapters For Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax Lenses

Leica Camera AG, Solms, expanded the range of accessories for the Leica S2 professional camera system. They are offering three new Leica S-Adapters that allow users to attach medium-format lenses from other manufacturers to Leica S bodies.
The individual adapters are the Leica S-Adapter V for Hasselblad V System lenses, the Leica S-Adapter P67 for Pentax 67 system lenses and the Leica S-Adapter M645 for lenses of the Mamiya 645 system.
This means that professional photographers now have access to an enormous selection of additional lenses that can further increase the flexibility of the Leica S-System. At the same time, photographers who already own lenses from the systems mentioned above can now use them on the Leica S2. When using the Leica S-Adapter, no mechanical or electrical functions, signals or data are transferred between Leica S system cameras and lenses.
As is the case with all products of the Leica S portfolio, the Leica S-Adapters are characterised throughout by outstanding quality. The exclusive use of high-quality materials in their construction – anodised aluminium and chrome-plated brass – makes them absolutely dependable, even when in constant use.

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