Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Leica Camera Headquarter in Wetzlar

 Building Application Submitted

The Leitz-Park GmbH has submitted the building application for the new Leica HQ. Construction start is planned for spring 2012 and the completion is scheduled for end of 2013.
The last paragraph of the press release is remarkable in which Mr. Schopf, Leica CEO, keeps the option open to continue the production in the existing facility in Solms – if “the ongoing strong demand for our products reveal that a continuation of production in Solms makes good business sense”

Here is the full release:
Building application submitted: an important step in the planning of the new Leica Camera AG facilities
Leitz-Park GmbH, the developer of the new Leica Camera AG company headquarters in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, submitted the building application to the local authorities in Wetzlar on Wednesday. If all goes well, construction should begin in April 2012, and the building is scheduled to be completed by November 2013. The building has a projected ground plan area of around 27,000 m2.
On completion, Leica Camera AG will be relocating production, administration and customer service from Solms to the new facilities in Wetzlar. The new headquarters will also offer manufacturing and assembly areas with public viewing opportunities, a Leica Museum, a store, a photo studio and a restaurant for visitors. The past, present and future of the art of photography and the Leica products inseparably linked to its evolution are brought together here in the form of a unique experience.
The building, which will also be the new workplace of over 600 members of the Leica staff, will be constructed in line with the latest energy-efficiency standards. In addition to two combined heat and power generation systems and geothermal energy exploitation for central heating and cooling, the roof area will be almost entirely used for photovoltaic power generation. A monitoring system will also guarantee minimisation of the building’s operating costs. A central plaza will create a binding element between the new headquarters of Leica Camera AG and the affiliated Weller Feintechnik GmbH and ViaOptic GmbH facilities already located in the Leitz Park.
According to information provided by Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, proprietor of the Leica Galerie Salzburg and representative of the Leitz Park investor, Dr Andreas Kaufmann’s ACM Projektentwicklung GmbH, actively involved in the management committee of the construction project, the new facilities are a sign of the company’s clear commitment to the city of Wetzlar. In the words of Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, ‘Wetzlar is the birthplace of the Leica legend. The scheduled relocation of the company to the Leitz Park in 2013 has therefore been an affair of the heart for our family ever since the beginning of our work at Leica. Now, 100 years after the construction of the first “Leitz-Kamera”, the Ur-Leica, Leica is returning to its roots. This is a clear signal for the future for the city of Wetzlar and the locally based optical industries. Leica maintains its strong links to Wetzlar, the home of the German optical industry.’
Alfred Schopf, chairman of the Executive Board at Leica Camera AG: ‘The new Leica Camera AG facilities and the relocation to Wetzlar are another milestone in the history of our company. Leica will be moving to a state-of-the-art manufacturing and administrative complex that more than satisfies the requirements of environmental and workplace standards. Substantial parts of our future headquarters will be accessible to visitors and customers, allowing them unique insights into the history of Leica Camera AG, its products and the work of Leica photographers. Current planning foresees the closure of the facilities in Solms at the end of 2013, after completion of the move to Wetzlar. However, should further developments in the ongoing strong demand for our products reveal that a continuation of production in Solms makes good business sense, this schedule could possibly be revised.

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