Thursday, March 15, 2012

LEICA M10 Rumors

Along with the possibility for the new Leica M10 being officially shown in Berlin on May 10, rumors abound about what will be different from the previous M9 model.  One of the stranger rumors is that the camera will have a black and white ONLY sensor.  These rumors even go so far to explain that the sensor will not be made by Kodak but by Phase One since they are the only company that currently makes any black and while only sensors.

It seems ludicrous to seriously think that Leica would make a replacement model for the M9 with such limited application.  I am to quite an extent a black and white photographer myself, but I would never consider a camera with such limitations and, I am sure, neither would the majority of the individuals that are interested in purchasing this new model.

If there is any truth to this rumor, the camera would be a limited production version of either the M9 or the upcoming M10, as an alternative to the rest of the Leica cameras.  Leica has had some amazing financial success recently; they would not jeopardize that by artificially limiting their market position.

Postscript September 18, 2012

To see what the rumored M10 actually turned out to be, go to;

THE NEW LEICA M;postID=5831785015347457059

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