Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The universal binocular in a new price segment.

Dear Leica Friends,
Birding in the wild is a challenge in itself. Patience is essential, but the most important thing is rugged and reliable equipment. With the new generation of the Trinovid 42, you are optically only a hair’s breadth away from the scene. Both models master every challenge - and reward you with a breathtaking view. Find out more.
Your Leica Team

Leica Trinovid 42 - Rugged and reliable
The new Trinovid 42 represents the latest generation of a classic - one which has proven itself for over half a century. More than a mere reproduction!


These new binoculars are the result of our dedication to improving technology and investing in better materials. The outcome: two new Trinovid models that are better than ever.

Their trademark: compact and ergonomic construction, internal focusing with intuitive handling and superior optical performance. Their nitrogen-filled magnesium bodies make them so robust that they take everything in their stride. In fact, they are almost indestructible - just like their earlier generations.

All-round rubber armouring maximises shock resistance and provides a secure and non-slip grip. Even the bridge component is completely protected. You will never want to be without your Trinovid 42 binoculars again, especially on long and demanding birding trips.

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