Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Unusual Close-up Taken With an Unusual Equipment Combination

While the technical aspects of our camera equipment certainly are important, we must not overlook its primary purpose, that of taking photographs.  I would like to encourage all readers of this blog to submit photographs of their own and to consider the Leica Barnack Berek Blog as a platform to show off their best work.  In turn we guarantee to abide by all copyright restrictions and will use published photographs for other purposes only with the expressed permission of the photographer.

Allow me to start with a photograph of my own.  This picture, I feel, is not so much of interest because of its pictorial excellence but rather because the somewhat unusual circumstances under which it was taken and because of the unusual Leica equipment combination it was taken with.

We used to have a cabin in central Wisconsin.  One day we discovered a rather large hornet nest in a big pine tree next to the building.  The hornets appeared unusually large and seemed to be overly aggressive.  So we gave them a lot of space.  But I wanted to take the opportunity to take some pictures of them.  Conventional close-up equipment was out of the question.  So I decided to use my trusty 560mm f/6.8 Telyt.  I was using a Leica M5 that day with a Visoflex 3.  I wasn’t surprised to see that the Telyt couldn’t focus close enough to obtain any useable pictures.  Luckily I had a Leica Bellows 2 along.  Adding that to the set-up allowed safe close-up photographs from a safe distance.

Needless to say that we removed the nest after the photographs had been taken, but that’s another story.

   The photograph was taken from a distance of about 20 feet on Agfachrome 64

   Leica M5, Visoflex 3, Leica Bellows 2, 560mm f/6.8 Telyt

Since I was using both Leica M and R equipment at the time, I bought all long lenses and close-up equipment in Leica M configuration.  That allowed me to use it both with the Visoflex as well as with the Leica R cameras with the 14167 adapter.


  1. The Leica and cameras and photography in general certainly offer a lot of topics for discussion. But we must not forget the ultimate purpose of why we have cameras; to take pictures. For that reason I would like to start a weekly (or possibly daily) gallery of photographs. But I don’t want this to be a showcase for just my own work; to the contrary, I would like to encourage everyone to submit photographs for display on this blog. The copyright to the photographs will remain with the photographer and no pictures will ever be used for any other purpose unless permission is given by the copyright holder.
    No registration for this site is necessary. Just email any of the photographs to either of my email addresses at: or

    If possible, please include the make and model of the camera (any camera, not just Leica) and any other information you deem important.

    It is my hope that this may become one of the most sought after topics of this blog.

    Thank you,

    Heinz Richter

  2. Hello,
    I may be wrong, but this lens looks more like the Telyt 6.8/560mm, than the 400mm...
    Nice combination though.
    Rui Morais de Sousa

  3. Thank you for putting this to my attention. You are correct, this is indeed the Telyt 6.8/560mm.